• Specialists in English-Slovenian and Slovenian-English translations

    Translations faithful to the original, whatever the subject area.

    Technical, general or creative, all our translations boast flawless grammar, native-like readability and accurate terminology. We'll make sure your translation reads smoothly and faithfully mirrors the original.

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  • It's a good idea to have your translation proofread before publication

    We'll review, correct and polish your existing translation.

    Not only do we check the grammar and style, we also make sure the meaning is correctly and properly conveyed in the target language: English or Slovenian. We run the translation against the original and polish it down to the finest detail.

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English-Slovenian and Slovenian-English translations

Our English-Slovenian translations are primarily aimed at international businesses and organizations that want to get the right message across to Slovenian-speaking audiences.

Thanks to our high degree of translation expertise and native fluency in both Slovenian and English, our clients always get the best translation, whether it be a slogan, short press release or an exhaustive user manual.

Accurate and faithful translations
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Language editing
Translation reviews

You've had a text translated and would now like to have it reviewed by a professional linguist before sending it to the printer's or releasing it to the public. Or maybe you're not too sure about a translation from an outsourced translator.

We'll give your existing translation a thorough read, run it against the original and polish it to get 100% accuracy and reader-friendly content.

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We excel at reviewing and proofreading English-Slovenian translations for discerning clients who want their texts to be nothing short of flawless. This is where we come in, with no detail escaping our keen eye.

Proofreading Slovenian texts

Getting the spelling and punctuation right. Absolutely. But proofreading is much more than that.

We thoroughly check the grammar and semantics of your text, ensure consistency of the terminology used and refine the style of writing for you.

The proofread text will be flawless and smooth to read, and the message straightforward and completely accurate, something every author will strive for.

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