• Have your translation proofread before print or release

    We'll review, correct and polish your existing translation.

    In addition to checking grammar and style, we also make sure the meaning is correctly and properly conveyed in the target language: English or Slovenian. The translation is checked against the original text and polished down to the last detail.

  • Proofreading Slovenian texts

    For flawless grammar, impeccable style and maximum consistency.

    We proofread annual reports, articles, instruction manuals, handbooks, press releases, academic papers. Basically, we will polish any type of text for you, whatever the subject area.

Proofreading and copy-editing existing translations

Have you had a text translated or you translated it yourself and are not sure if it meets the required quality standards?

We'll give your translation a thorough read, correct any mistakes and polish the style of writing. This is particularly recommended before sending your text to the print shop or publishing it on the Internet.

Request a free quote for translation editing.

Proofreading Slovenian texts

Address your target audience with well-thought-out texts, which deliver information in a clear and concise way and which are free of mistakes, ambiguities and nonsense.

Request a free quote for proofreading.