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We are a supplier of top-class language services specializing in translation and proofreading of general and technical texts in the Slovenian-English language pair.

Our principal activities are: translation from Slovenian into English and from English into Slovenian, proofreading Slovenian-English and English-Slovenian translations and proofreading of Slovenian texts. We also develop multilingual websites and perform search-engine optimization (SEO).

We pride ourselves on quick turnaround times, unmatched attention to detail, good ear for expression, high level of language proficiency and the ability to pick up the subtlest of nuances. Responsibility to clients and meeting deadlines are a top priority for us.

We work with numerous clients based in Slovenia and abroad, who recognize us as a reliable and trustworthy language partner.

We bring together top translators for English, language editors for the English-Slovenian language pair and proofreaders for the Slovenian language, whose expertise and experience in the areas of knowledge they master ensure that clients receive the best quality of service.

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We're Trados Studio 2011 certified