• Localization of software and web applications

    If you want your product to be an international marketing success, don't settle for a less-than-perfect translation.

    We translate and localize user interfaces and accompanying manuals with end users in mind. In addition to translation, we also test your application in a live environment and show how you can deliver an optimal user experience.

    We're experienced localization professionals
  • Translations of creative, marketing and promotional texts

    Translations faithfully recreating the subtleties of the original.

    Translations of websites, product specifications and descriptions, press releases, clippings, promotional materials and presentations, speeches. Our translations boast exceptional power of expression, the meaning is clear and accurately transferred from English into Slovenian and vice versa.

    We'll get your message across properly
  • Translations of user manuals and technical handbooks

    Accurate and faithful technical translations recognized for clarity.

    We leave nothing to chance when it comes to translating user manuals and directions for use, handbooks, guide books or academic articles. Your translation will have the right meaning and form, correct terminology and consistent style. Exactly the way you want to address your audience.

    Accurate and flawless translations
  • Translations of business documents, reports, contracts

    Top-quality language services for businesses based anywhere in the world.

    Translations of complete annual and financial reports, project and tender dossiers, legal papers, business correspondence. You can count on us to deliver in the agreed timescale, so you can focus on running your business.

    It pays to use professional language services
  • Translations of tourist brochures, catalogues and websites

    Here you'll get attractive and effective tourism & travel translations.

    Want to attract more visitors or guests with your new brochure or website? To make a strong impression and create increased demand in your tourism product? For this you'll need catchy translations. We'll give you top-quality translations of your tourism and travel texts.

    Learn how to use translation to your advantage

Text translations

We provide top-quality translations of texts in various subject areas. We specialize in English-Slovenian and Slovenian-English translations, delivering:

  • professional,
  • accurate,
  • top quality and
  • punctual language services.

Quality assurance is an integral part of the translation process. Before delivery, each translation is reviewed by an editor, and the price of editing is already included in the translation price.

We can also format your translation in a word processor or desktop publishing software and get it ready for printing.

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