Benefits for our clients:

Accurate and consistent translations

Quality guaranteed for any volume of work. Suitable and consistent terminology. Translations perfectly suited to your target audience.

You can count on us

We will always meet your deadline – no buts about that.

Extensive experience and expertise

We have an impressive track record of successfully completed translation projects. We make ongoing efforts to refine and expand our knowledge and we keep a close eye on developments in the areas we specialize in.

Affordable rates

Top-class language services at affordable prices. You are guaranteed to get best value for money.

Confidentiality of materials and data

Responsibility to customers is one of our top priorities. Your confidential data and materials are completely safe in our hands.

A full range of language services

Translation and localization, translation editing, court-certified translations, proofreading Slovenian texts, document formatting (desktop publishing - DTP), language consultation.

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