Translation rates

Translation - English into Slovenian
EUR 24/page or EUR 0.096/word (in-house translation check included)
Translation - Slovenian into English
EUR 31/page or EUR 0.124/word (in-house translation check included)
Rush translations: 1 page in 1 hour
standard rate + 50%
Translation in 24 hours
standard rate + 30%
Sample translation - for businesses and organizations only*
free of charge (max. 125 words, terms and conditions apply)
Office hour
EUR 40/h
Basic DTP
EUR 5/page
Advanced DTP
EUR 10/page
Prices do not include VAT where applicable.
One page is 250 words.
Translation rates include a final in-house translation check.

*Sample translations are only available when the sample piece is part of a larger body of text. We reserve the right to turn down any test translation. Offer only available to businesses and organizations.

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